Wartorn: Miki DarkStar

posted January 22nd, 2012, 7:58 pm

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January 22nd, 2012, 8:06 pm




Something I've been working on called War-torn.
The forbidden have been freed and the world is now in chaos.
Miki's new look resolves around fighting against the forbidden. Her right arm now has an armored gauntlet on it. Her new keyblade is made for fast slashes while still dealing damage.
The gauntlet is made of Agony Silver while the Keyblade is a mixture of Agony Silver and Dark Alloy.

Also I will do a war-torn version of other characters if you give me a weapon they will use. Elemental attacks, magical attacks, and Hand to Hand combat don't work on the Forbidden.

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July 23rd, 2018, 8:25 am



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